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About Lisa

Lisa Wolny is a Life Transformation Expert who draws from her own life experiences to help coach people to completely transform their lives physically, mentally, and financially. As a top 1% global Network Marketing Professional, she has established herself as a leader not just in business, but in every facet of her life. A married mother of four, Lisa's journey from an overweight, unhappy, stay-at-home mom to a WBFF Pro Fitness Model, and leader in her field, has inspired and lead thousands to take action and create their own life transformations. She is a highly sought-after Health and Wellness Coach and Transformational Speaker, known for her ability to inspire, empower and create long lasting change. She has a compassionate yet direct no-nonsense approach that clients welcome as an often much needed “shake and wake up”.


Her book, "The Identity Shift," is a testament to her personal and professional journey, showcasing her extraordinary transformation. It is through her own experiences that Lisa has mastered the art of balancing an intensely busy family life with her professional endeavors. Her story is one of recovery, hope, and renewal, offering insights and motivation to those seeking to overcome their challenges and achieve success. Lisa Wolny's life and work exemplify the power of resilience, determination, and the ability to turn adversity into an opportunity for growth and leadership. This all culminates in her 8 week Identity Shift course, where participants dive deep into self awareness and create a road map of action steps combined with accountability to create long lasting change.


Working with Lisa Wolny offers an opportunity to engage with proven systems for personal and professional growth. Those who collaborate with her benefit from her extensive experience in transformation and her compassionate, relatable coaching style. Lisa utilizes practical, tested strategies to help individuals navigate their paths to success, wellness, and fulfillment. Her guidance is rooted in the real-life lessons and principles she outlines in "The Identity Shift," ensuring a relatable and effective approach to achieving one's goals and reinventing one's life.