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Struggling with losing weight, earning extra income,

and overall happiness?

"Transform your life with my expertise—where improving physical health, increasing wealth, and deepening relationships, come together to create a life of purpose, freedom, and joy."

About Lisa

Lisa Wolny is a Life Transformation Expert who draws from her own life experiences to help coach people to completely transform their lives physically, mentally, and financially. As a top 1% global Network Marketing Professional, she has established herself as a leader not just in business, but in every facet of her life. A married mother of four, Lisa's journey from an overweight, unhappy, stay-at-home mom to a WBFF Pro Fitness Model, and leader in her field, has inspired and lead thousands to take action and create their own life transformations. She is a highly sought-after Health and Wellness Coach and Transformational Speaker, known for her ability to inspire, empower and create long lasting change. She has a compassionate yet direct no-nonsense approach that clients welcome as an often much needed “shake and wake up”.

My Interview with Dr. Phil

For years I kept losing and re-finding the same 30 lbs year after year. not understanding the deep reason why I just couldn’t keep it off. It was after digging deep into my truth by following some key steps written by Dr. Phil back in 2004 that I discovered that MINDSET was the key piece that had been missing. When I hit rock bottom in 2011, I applied all I had learned combined with a world class nutrition system, to have a lifelong transformation, and have been helping others have their own breakthroughs ever since!

How bittersweet that I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Phil who shared the secret sauce to having it all from health, purpose, loving relationships, faith and financial freedom!

Know how things come full circle in life? This was one of those moments, and I’ll forever be grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Lisa's Highlights

In all I have learned and shared over the years, the biggest piece of advice I can give you is this: To begin your identity shift, start with your body.

-Lisa Wolny in "The Identity Shift"


"Lisa's Impact!"

"Life before Lisa was hard. I was living in a hole of misery that I had created for myself. Lisa was the secret ingredient in the recipe that saved my life. I did the work she laid out for me, but I could not have gotten myself started without you. You were the kick in the butt and shoulder to cry on that I needed."

—Leana Shelley-Allison

"Guiding Light"

"It seems like fate placed Lisa in my path when I needed her the most. Her story touched my heart and at the time, I felt like I was drowning. She gave me a helping hand up and showed me the tools I needed to take control of my life. I would not have made it through the past several years without her kindness and support"

—Jennifer Mundy

"Just what I needed"

"I was completely overwhelmed. Something had to change. I had to find a way to make it through the day without getting angry about things out of my control. An identity shift is exactly what I needed. Lisa never tells you what you want to hear. She tells you what you NEED to hear. Without her coaching and friendship, I wouldn’t be the woman, wife, mother, and friend I am today.

—Tammy Driedger