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Are you living pay cheque to pay cheque and would love to experience more out of life but just can’t afford it? What if tragedy, a job layoff or illness struck when you least expected it? Are you prepared with a plan B or do you have more month than money and are getting by on a wing and a prayer? Are your finances creating the greatest amount of stress in your life? Truthfully, most people are stressed financially and looking for options to earn an additional stream of income or create a solid plan B but often can’t afford to get started or don’t have the money to invest. The good news is that there is a way and it’s called network marketing. As I call it, the perfect plan B that can realistically become your plan A.

When I embarked on my transformation journey I had no idea what network marketing or residual income was. My husband was a successful engineer and I was a Mompreneur “dabbling” in bringing in an additional stream of income for our family and to have some fun money. After we had not 1 but 2 surprise babies back to back I had to put my painting business on hold along with the $7000 per month I was bringing in for our family. I wanted to stay home with our kids but was still looking to earn income from home. The network marketing company whose products forever changed my life had a wealth creation solution and I investigated further into this “residual income” they kept talking about. I found out the residual income is the income that keeps paying you for work that you did in the beginning for little pay but keeps paying dividends over time. Eg. A musician spends the time writing and producing a song and marketing it to get to listeners. Once the song is ready for sale and people enjoy it, he/she can receive residuals off every download of that song for years to come.

Needless to say I captured the vision and the possibilities and went to work. There was no overhead other that what I was already eating to stay healthy. I simply shared these life changing products with others, as I knew I wasn’t the only one struggling with my weight and health. Others needed what I had discovered and I got to work!

I embraced the profession of network marketing and was open to learning and all of the possibilities. Because of my hard work and the highly respected company I was aligned with along with their world class products and compensation plan, I was able to build a successful stay at home business in the cracks of my time while raising our children. The best part? I got to coach and mentor others how to do it as well. Helping families thrive vs just survive both physically and financially became my passion and purpose. Because of that, In 6 years I was able to earn over 1 million dollars in cumulative residual income and build a solid back up plan for our family while positively impacting thousands on my team. Over the course of the past 7 years of building this incredible business we have been able to take some much needed time off to deal with a death in the family, my father and husbands battles with cancer, aging parents, and my husband’s job lay off (first time in 27 years) while still having the residual income from my business paying me through these times. That’s the power of building a solid plan B!

If you are open to learning more, are coachable and willing to make a serious change, I encourage you to set up an interview to see if this is the right fit for you. No experience necessary – just heart, grit, the willingness to work hard, learn and a passion for helping others.

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