Why Accepting Your Body Can Help You Lose Weight

Sometimes we have a loud uninvited voice in our head that tells us all kinds of things like “ugh I’m so fat and swimsuit season is fast approaching”, or “I’ll be happier when I lose a certain number of pounds”, or even “I look so ugly”. These voices are not helpful in someone’s weight loss journey. This voice tells us we need to better everything about our external self and completely ignores what is actually going on inside.

People have a really hard time accepting their bodies because of the images society presents to us which tell us we need to be perfect. This focus draws away from internal qualities like intelligence and compassion and makes us forget what makes us a great person. People have the misconception that if they perfect their outer flaws, that they will be happy, and this is not always true. When we accept our physical bodies and our features we actually become happier and healthier! Science tells us that people with a positive body image actually are happier and overall healthier than those who don’t. Here’s why:

You Develop Skills That Apply To Weight Loss

A study done in 2011 showed that people with a more positive body image actually had an easier time regulating their eating habits. As body image improved so did people’s ability to self regulate, they had more confidence in producing a desired result, and their motivation increased. These skills are all essential to being able to lose weight.


You Maintain More Weight Loss Than Dieting

Even if you accept your body as it is, you may have weight loss that you are actually able to maintain. A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that people of “health of any size” lost weight and maintained it whereas the group on a diet lost weight but regained it and showed no significant improvements to health.

So, while dieting can in fact help you lose weight, it is not always sustainable. A good body image and positive self talk can be the key to keeping the weight off.


You Practice Mindfulness & Reduce Distress

In a study where participants had completed at least 6 months of a weight loss program some were assigned to take a 1-day mindfulness course. At the 3-month checkup they not only had improvements in weight loss, but they also had greater quality of life and less distress and stigma about their bodies. You can incorporate mindfulness by doing yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and trying mindful eating.


So how do you accept your body even with extra weight? Here are 5 steps:

5 Ways to Accept Your Body Now!

1. Make a decision

Accepting your body is simply making a choice and then sticking to that choice every time you have negative voices telling you to hate your body. At first just fake it till you make it. Use kind and positive words towards yourself even if you don’t believe them initially. You can tell a family member or a friend about your choice to not use negative language about your appearance anymore. Take care of yourself and feel good in your body.


2. Use Positive Self-Talk

Stop shaming yourself and instead be as gentle on yourself as you would be to a friend. If it’s too negative that you wouldn’t say it to a friend, then don’t say it to yourself. Try writing out a list of all the features you love about yourself whether it’s your smile, your eyes, or whatever you are proud of about yourself. If it’s hard to do just start small even if it’s just one thing and add to it as you become more confident. Eventually when you believe in yourself more you can write new ones out too.


3. Don’t Compare Yourself

Don’t compare your body to other bodies, because that is not productive to having a positive body image. Don’t comment negatively on other people’s bodies and engage in a culture where you celebrate all body types and don’t rank yourself among others.


4. Show Your Body Love

Rather than focusing on a specific diet just nourish your body properly. Start engaging in activities that are fun and good for you. Get outside more and show your body you love it by being reasonably active while still having a fun time. You can also pamper yourself whether it’s getting a new hair cut, going for a massage, or something else you enjoy. Doing these things increases good feelings and promotes an overall healthier mind and body.


5. Use resources

There are several specialized professionals and self-help books focused solely on body image. Using these resources is especially pertinent if you have an eating disorder. One of them is “10 Will Powers for Improving Body Image” by NEDA the National Eating Disorders Association. There are daily affirmations in here that will unpack some distorted thinking that a lot of people have. If you really have a horrible self image, counselling may be a good option for you.


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Lisa Wolny

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