Is Group Exercise a Good Choice for Weight Control?

Training as part of a group can help you save money and get in shape, but is it the best option for you? This blog will examine the pros and cons of group training.


There are a variety of different options when it comes to group fitness. Some of them are bootcamp, spinning, crossfit, and barre. Are these types of classes the right fit for you to manage your weight?






When trying to lose weight it is very important to be consistent in working out, but it may get really boring if you are just doing an hour of cardio on the treadmill every single time. Group classes can be fun and engaging and it switches up the type of activity you’re doing and provides more motivation to keep coming back. Fitness classes tend to engage you and provide you a high energy environment with good music. This can help keep you focused and working out with maximum effort each time.




It has been proven that people who have an accountability system are much more likely to achieve their goals. By going to a class you form relationships with the instructors and your peers. If you don’t show up people will notice that you’re gone unlike with a solo work out. This can be a motivator to be consistent and you can even have a friendly weight loss competition with your peers as you work towards similar goals.




This is a major factor for people who have very busy lives. Not everyone has the time to figure out a work out plan. Some people also just don’t really know what to do at the gym and find it intimidating whereas at a class all you need to do is show up and someone tells you exactly what to do. It removes the time stress and the planning stress from your work out.




Typically if you have a gym membership there are free classes or classes offered at a good discount. If you’re at a private studio a membership will often get you however many classes you want to do that month.




No Personalized Training


With a class there are people with a variety of training levels even if there are separate categories like basic or advanced. This can cause some people to be over trained while more experienced athletes may not be pushed hard enough and will plateau even at the advanced level. In some classes the rest period is not right for the individual because the instructor is not aware of if you’re someone who works out 6 days a week or 3.


These classes don’t work well for people with injuries or mobility issues and they require a more individual approach.


No Form Correction


In a group class there are too many people for an instructor to fix little mistakes in form and so people may be doing things wrong the entirety of the class. The only time form is really corrected is if it is very obviously wrong. There is a lack of attention to detail which you would get at the individual level.




These classes are only offered at very specific times and may not fit your work or home schedule. It may be difficult to make it to enough sessions.


Most Novelty Classes Are Not Effective for Fitness and Weight Goals


There are certain classes that exist that put a silly twist on working out and while it may be fun it isn’t helpful in actually achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. Some examples of this would be “beer yoga” and “baby goat yoga” which are real classes.


The Final Verdict


If you don’t have too busy of a schedule, you like variety, and you like being able to work out with your buddies then group exercise is probably a good fit for you.


If you have specific athletic goals, want to practice good form, and have a busy schedule then group fitness classes aren’t a good fit. You’d be better off looking at getting a personal trainer.


If you want the best of both worlds you could do personal training but on the odd day off take a group class for your cardio.


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