Achieve Permanent Weight Loss by Changing Habits with these 5 Steps

Our habits shape and form who we are whether they are good or bad. These habits do not just exist at the superficial level and we must look deeper if we truly want to change our habits. Learn how to take control and build healthy new habits with these 5 steps from Calgary life coach Lisa Wolny.

We all have at least one success-sabotaging habit that we've been trying to kick for ages. Which makes one wonder, why are these habits--which we KNOW are harming us--so hard to break? This post will help you discover why you have unhealthy habits, as well as how to address them properly.

1. The History Behind Our Habits

Many people struggle with their weight their whole lives and the average woman who is 40 has been on at least 17 diets. The problem that causes the weight loss program to fail is not being able to change our habits.

The reason why people can’t change habits is that they are focused entirely on what they are doing behaviourally. This usually consists of watching your diet and beginning to exercise. However, these changes are important, but are not the true foundation of your success.

Finding the root cause of negative habits is essential. We must look at the emotional reasons that lie behind  our actions. For example, that drink of wine or glass of vodka around 9 pm can’t just be eliminated without unpacking the reason why you’re doing it in the first place. For most people, it is a way to relax at the end of the day.

If we eliminate something that comforts us without achieving the feeling in a more constructive way we are bound to go back to the old habit. This explains weight-loss yo-yoing and how our willpower often crumbles when we're distressed. We are very emotional creatures and need to have a high level of self-awareness so that we can make positive long-lasting changes. Our Life Coaching sessions help clients discover and nurture new, healthy habits, to take the place of the old ones. 


2. Finding Triggers

Oftentimes habits are triggered by particular things like the time of day, the place, or an emotion. These triggers are what makes us reach for comfort food or alcohol.

For example:

  • From a young age, we are conditioned to reach for comfort food to cope with all kinds of emotional pain. Treating yourself to your favourite snack or meal can act like a drug temporarily numbing us to our feelings.
  • Positive situations may also encourage overeating: family brunches, birthday parties, and outings to movies or mall food courts...the list goes on. When in these situations, it can often be tempting to cheat because it's a "special occasion".

It is important to identify which emotional or situational triggers are causing us to go back to old habits. Life coaching can help you learn how to address them in an effective yet healthy manner.


3. Create New Positive Habits

Replace rituals where you can: It is difficult to cut out our comfortable bad habits without replacing them something better. A good example of this would be instead of the nightly wine ritual try making tea. If you're feeling stressed, instead of reaching for a rich dessert, treat yourself to a luxurious bubble bath, or your favourite movie.

Develop healthy habits for social situations: If you are in a social situation where there is pressure to drink, try a club soda with a wedge of lime. No one will know there is no alcohol in it. At buffets and family gatherings, load up your plate with veggies and other healthy options.

If you are feeling like emotional eating, try taking a walk outside for 30mins. It sounds simple, but it really does work. Our life coaching clients note that in addition to stopping you from engaging in an unhealthy habit, it offers time to reflect on the emotion and why you were about to slip up.


4. Go Deeper

In order to achieve long-term weight loss, we can’t just stay at the superficial level. We have to dig deep and really open ourselves to understanding our thoughts and emotions.

When we become fully aware of our choices and why we make them we can then make a plan on how we are going to change. With self-awareness, excuses can be eliminated and we can focus on our goals.

Our brain has an insane number of neural pathways and by changing our habits with these tips we are creating new pathways and over time it is easier to stick with everything because it is wired into your brain.


5. Find A Support Network

Sometimes this is a very difficult journey to do alone. I’d recommend coaching specifically for nutrition and deeper level thinking about habits. Another great alternative could be joining our weight loss support group on Facebook, which you can access by contacting me at the information below.


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Lisa Wolny

Lisa Wolny is an Entrepreneur and a top 1% worldwide Network Marketing Professional. A leader in all aspects of her life, Lisa is a mother of 4, a WBFF Pro Fitness Model, highly sought after Health and Wellness Coach, and Transformational Speaker. The Identity Shift is a triumphant story of recovery, hope, and renewal that shows how an overweight, unhappy, stay-at- home mom at rock bottom, transformed herself into a successful businesswoman, charismatic speaker, and international influencer while balancing the rollercoaster of a wildly busy family life.

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I wanted to celebrate two milestones for myself that came up this week: (1) two years of Isagenix and (2) 6 months chewing tobacco free. To a large extent 1 leads into 2. Back in April 2016, I was in a real difficult space trying to find the energy to balance a corporate career with the day-to-day challenges of a wife and a family of 4 kids. I was incredibly fortunate to have a the support of Christy and a rock-em sock-em hockey mom and great friend in Lisa Wolny to get my mindset sorted out and take control of my health and diet. That moment two years ago has really been a turning point for me and our family. 

And yes, I’m confident that many of you were asking yourself “WTF is Enwright doing posting pics with his shirt off?” Believe me, I get it. I was as uncomfortable as hell from behind my keyboard. Same time I knew I had friends that shared similar challenges with their diet and lacked the energy just as I had. 

More than just losing the weight – which has been incredible - the best part from these past two years has been helping my friends get their mindset straight in understanding the importance of a healthy diet and offering a program that can work for them. And with that focus on mindset, it has really helped me in breaking my chewing tobacco addiction. Six months is the longest I’ve ever been without dip and honestly, it feels to be able to taste food again. Nicotine is a wicked addiction and I’m just appreciative of all the people that have helped me overcome it and put dip in my rearview mirror. 

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