4 Tips to Stay on the Weight Loss Wagon

When trying to lose weight we are rarely perfect on the first try. Many times, we try and seem to slip easily into old habits. 

There are all sorts of weight loss programs we may get ourselves into. It's easy to become convinced that the latest shiny new thing or celebrity fad being hyped in the media will bring you amazing results with zero effort. However, in order to achieve long-term weight loss success, we must select a program that is healthy and sustainable. It's essential to set realistic goals and break them into small pieces so that you do not get discouraged if you don’t immediately get perfect results.

The real key to staying on the weight loss wagon is commitment. We must be fiercely committed to our goals in order to actually achieve them. We have to think what we want in the long term rather than the short term.

Here are four tips for success in staying on the weight loss wagon:

1. Gain Continued Weight Loss Success With Commitment & Consistency

No major goals in life can be achieved without first being totally committed. This holds true whether your aim is to improve relationships, lose weight, or excel at a job.

Commitment needs to be paired with consistency. We can’t do one thing one day and a totally different thing the next. Establishing a pattern of sticking to your goals and meeting them reliably is the recipe for ultimate success.

It is easy to stay committed to our goals when life is easy and going our way, but it’s when things start to get difficult that we must stick to our goals instead of caving. Every week, refocus and remember your goals. To prevent a downward spiral, we must remind ourselves of our true goal and not what will please us in the short term. 

Make a plan of action for the week: it will help you avoid straying from what matters. Creating a vision board to look at in times of struggle is helpful!


2. Unpack Our Excuses

The second step is to take an honest look at the excuses you make and determine if they are truly valid. In most cases, they are not.

Most of the time it can be that someone is too tired or doesn’t have the time, but when closely examined they, in fact, could be making time but are choosing not to make the necessary changes. For example, this person may need to go to bed earlier if they are serious about their goals, or do their meal planning on the weekends.

Often times excuses get us so far away from our goals that we give up until next week or next year, when we believe things will be “easier”. This is why excuses are so dangerous to us staying on the weight loss train.

Take some time to actually think about your excuses and analyze why they aren’t valid and are preventing you from continued success.


3. Prioritize Actions Before Feelings

In order to take the proper action, one must have a clear vision of what they want. Instead of saying things you don’t want, focus on the things you do want. Instead of “I don’t want to be tired” try “I want to have energy”.

Your vision and your “why” has to be clear and strong enough that it will anchor you during the ups and downs. This is such a key part of sticking to your goals. If you forget why you are doing something, it is really easy to stop.


4. Remember That You Are NOT A Failure

It doesn’t matter how many times you may have not succeeded in losing weight. You are not a failure! Don’t be discouraged from trying again.

Also, if you slip up a little bit don’t immediately think you’re a failure because this can lead to you sabotaging your whole journey. Just keep getting back on right away. It is very easy to get discouraged and stop. Please don’t!


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Lisa Wolny

Lisa Wolny is an Entrepreneur and a top 1% worldwide Network Marketing Professional. A leader in all aspects of her life, Lisa is a mother of 4, a WBFF Pro Fitness Model, highly sought after Health and Wellness Coach, and Transformational Speaker. The Identity Shift is a triumphant story of recovery, hope, and renewal that shows how an overweight, unhappy, stay-at- home mom at rock bottom, transformed herself into a successful businesswoman, charismatic speaker, and international influencer while balancing the rollercoaster of a wildly busy family life.

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I wanted to celebrate two milestones for myself that came up this week: (1) two years of Isagenix and (2) 6 months chewing tobacco free. To a large extent 1 leads into 2. Back in April 2016, I was in a real difficult space trying to find the energy to balance a corporate career with the day-to-day challenges of a wife and a family of 4 kids. I was incredibly fortunate to have a the support of Christy and a rock-em sock-em hockey mom and great friend in Lisa Wolny to get my mindset sorted out and take control of my health and diet. That moment two years ago has really been a turning point for me and our family. 

And yes, I’m confident that many of you were asking yourself “WTF is Enwright doing posting pics with his shirt off?” Believe me, I get it. I was as uncomfortable as hell from behind my keyboard. Same time I knew I had friends that shared similar challenges with their diet and lacked the energy just as I had. 

More than just losing the weight – which has been incredible - the best part from these past two years has been helping my friends get their mindset straight in understanding the importance of a healthy diet and offering a program that can work for them. And with that focus on mindset, it has really helped me in breaking my chewing tobacco addiction. Six months is the longest I’ve ever been without dip and honestly, it feels to be able to taste food again. Nicotine is a wicked addiction and I’m just appreciative of all the people that have helped me overcome it and put dip in my rearview mirror. 

So with that, thank you to my friends and family for the support and sharing your stories along the way these past two years – I’m incredibly grateful!


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